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El Día de la Tierra, según la NASA

Para celebrar el 40º aniversario del Día de la Tierra la NASA, además de organizar diversos eventos, publicó una serie de fotografías que muestran la Tierra desde el aire. Las fotos fueron tomadas por astronautas y por dispositivos satelitales para captar imágenes.

NASA | DLN Presents Earth Day with Bella Gaia

NASA Digital Learning Network celebrated Earth Day and joined musician/artist Kenji Williams for a special performance of “Bella Gaia” (Beautiful Earth) on Monday, April 19, 2010. “Bella Gaia” is a “living atlas” multimedia journey of our planet and combines stunning perspectives of Earth from space with Williams’ original and eclectic score. NASA cryospheric scientist Christopher Shuman joined Williams on Earth Day to give a first-hand look at a changing Antarctica. Shuman discussed what it is like to work in such a difficult and rewarding place as Antarctica and showed how the glacial poles affect our entire Earth and climate system.

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